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Aug 11th -

Tristan Hunter & JJ Lake
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Tristan Hunter & JJ Lake - Rating: 9.00
The summer is heating up and Tristan is looking for a place to cool down. He calls up his buddy JJ who has a pool to invite himself over to cool off. JJ says sure come on over but has a plan of his own with some heat on it. Tristan finds JJ already in the pool and gets in fast himself. JJ is all hands with Tristan and soon they are making out. Tristan is quick to offer his ass for JJ to make out with as well and then of course his very hard cock. Tristan spots JJ's pesky neighbor staring over and the guys take the show inside for some privacy. Once inside no time is lost and JJ's cock is quickly inside Tristan and pounding away. Tristan himself is quite insatiable and pushes JJ back to ride him on the couch. Feeling his nuts start to boil though JJ put Tristan back on the table to pound the cum out of him followed by JJ's huge load all over his chest and a promise to come back tomorrow for a repeat of the same.
Jul 28th -

Pierce Paris & Ray Diesel
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Pierce Paris & Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.17
Pierce has had a rough time. After losing it when catching his BF cheating on him in public is took the cops to calm him down and a straight jacket. So we find Pierce here at the clinic after being 5150 with Dr Ray Diesel. Pierce has had time to calm down now and Ray decides to let him loose and talk together about what is really bothering him. Pierce confesses that he has not had sex in over a year with his BF cheating on him and well Dr Diesel knows what the cure needs to be. Establishing himself as someone Pierce can trust first, Ray then moves in for the kill. When Ray walks over and puts his hard throbbing bulge right in Pierce's face he knows Pierce can not resist. Pierce reaches out for the thing he needs most, a fat cock just as big as his own to fuck the sense back into him. Hippocratic oath out the window Ray drives his cock deep down Pierce's throat. Then followed by some deep ass penetration until he sees stars. Once Pierce has Ray's prescription D he can't help but ask Dr Diesel for more regular therapy.
Jul 14th -

Andrew Connor & Ray Diesel
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Andrew Connor & Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.00
Andrew has been lusting for his trainer for some time now. Twice a week he looks forward to staring at that huge bulge in his shorts so teasingly close to Andrew's face as he gets spotted. Today Andrew shows up early trying to get to spend as much time with Ray as possible and is working up a sweat on the treadmill when Ray walks in. Andrew loves the compliments from Ray about how his body is coming along and looking tight. Getting down to work Andrew finds himself doing crunches with his face right into that fat cock. Finally he just grabs onto the waistband and pulls out Ray's enormous cock. They look into each other's eyes and know it's on. Andrew chokes himself as best he can trying to please Ray. But it's his ass that Ray really wants and takes. Ray has been waiting for the boy to make a move and wastes no time in fucking his little blond twink ass wide open. And now begins a long training that is likely to continue.
Jun 30th -

Mitch Matthews & Q Jaxx
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Mitch Matthews & Q Jaxx - Rating: 9.50
Mitch likes to be the man in charge. He is the head of Human Resources and likes to employ those who can service all of his needs. His new Man to interview Q Jaxx has all the right qualifications for Mitch, including a huge cock. Greedy bottom that he is, Mitch wastes no time letting Q know that his needs come first and always in his ass. Q is not just off the bus so to speak and needs this job just bad enough to let Mitch have it right where he wants it deep. Sucking Q off and eating his ass but wasting no more time before getting that fat cock inside him. Mitch takes all the cock he can handle for the day and even takes a huge load on his chest before letting go of his own. Q is no fool though and let's Mitch know he will be needing a very good bonus himself for this kind of job.
Jun 16th -

Brian Bonds & Deepdicc
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Brian Bonds & Deepdicc - Rating: 9.40
Crewman Bonds imagined an exciting life exploring space but instead here he is stuck on a freighter with only his Sexy Captain to keep him company. And in the last 18 months Captain Deep has been in his dreams a lot. Captain Deep is well aware of Crewman Bond's desires and struggles himself to not fraternize with the crew. But 18 months is a long challenge. Finally Crewman Bonds makes his move and Deep has no will left to stop him. Brian Bonds breaks his sexual fast with Deep's cock as far down his throat as he can mange. Starved for cock after so long in space Bonds buries Deeps cock in his ass and fucks back with a vengeance of need. Bonds can't contain himself no more when Deep pounds away and blasts off himself with Deep quickly to follow. Dick for breakfast is Crewman Bond's new task the Captain orders
Jun 2nd -

Johnny B & Deepdicc
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Johnny B & Deepdicc - Rating: 8.25
Johnny is Desperate for a job with a capital D. He is applying all over town and for anything so much so that while he was interviewing for a job he forgot what this specific one was. The guy interviewing him is named Deep, and he can spot a dude that is not exactly having deep thoughts. Deep knowing he will get what he wants from this guy sits up on the desk up over Johnny looking down at him. He can tell from experience this boy likes to please and be told what to do. Johnny immediately starts to suck when he is told to. And just to check and see how submissive Johnny is, Deep orders him to eat his ass too. By this point Johnny's holes are wide open to be interviewed. Deep drops all the way in and just as he is getting his rhythm on some guy drops off a file and it hardly bothered knowing this is just how Deep operates. From then on Deep pounds those holes open and Johnny chokes himself on cock without even having to be told. But when Johnny is on his back finally, he jacks his cock furiously until he explodes and then immediately drops to his knees so as to not miss a drop.
May 19th -

Mason Lear & Jake Waters
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Mason Lear & Jake Waters - Rating: 8.67
Mason has been struggling to find a compatible mate as of late. Being a big masculine guy everyone always just assumes he will be the top. But everyone has to get their needs met and his are way overdue. So talking to a nice guy online as that's how everyone meets these days. It progresses to a phone call and an invite over to check out Jake's playroom. Once inside Jake gets Mason right onto his knees to worship his cock. Mason see's the fucking machine in the corner and Jake assures him there will be time for that as well. When Jake puts Mason on all fours his mouth is just about in range of the fucking machines cock, just too teasingly close that he has to suck on it while Jake eats his ass. Soon Mason feels that cock entering him while he is still sucking on the machine cock. Once flipped around Mason finds his inner slut when given the control to fuck his own ass with Jake's cock in his mouth. To Jake's surprise Mason just keeps turning up the speed on the machine and as he slips farther into slut space Jake gets him up to ride his cock as well. Mason does not take long before shooting his load onto Jake. All cuddled up together Jake let's loose a big load himself with promises of another meet soon.
May 5th -

Marco Di Antoni & Micah Martinez
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Marco Di Antoni & Micah Martinez - Rating: 7.75
Marco has a gambling problem and as the results of these bad habits he is in Jail. Jail has not seemed to have set him straight because he seems to be able to find just about anything to bet on in here. So playing Dominoes with his cellmate even on this he has to place a bet with the only thing he has left to wager, his ass. His cellmate has been in for years and knows how to let a boy build up his debt to him. So finally after the last game it was put up or put out. Marco gets up to head into the cell but Micah says, "Oh No right here bitch where everyone can see who owns your ass now." Marco can see everyone is watching now but with little choice he crawls over to Micah's Cock and starts sucking. Finally even Marco admits it's kind of hot sucking cock in front of everyone like a slut. Micah is going to put him through all his paces eating his ass and fucking him real good for all the boys to see. Finally shooting his nut right on Marco's chest Micah tells Marco to leave the nut where it is and go down to cell 30 to see his buddy Leon, cause he is next and likes his boys messy.
Apr 21st -

Zac Snow & Smash Thompson
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Zac Snow & Smash Thompson - Rating: 7.67
Zac is so happy at his new job as a masseur. Of course like any job there are the bad days and then some good days like this one. So in walks this muscled stud and Zac can't help but stare out of the corner of his eye. Smash asked if it's ok he is not wearing any underwear and of course Zac says nooooo problem. As the man before him crawls up on the massage table Zac can't help but drench him in oil from his neck to his thick ass. Zac can't help but be obvious in where he spends his time and attention on that thickly muscled ass. But while rubbing him good it's Smash that asks to eat Zac's booty. Zac is quickly on his knees offering it up to Smashes ministrations. A tongue leads to fingers which means you know that cock is going in there too. Zac moans like a slut in heat and Smash mounts that ass. Smash doesn't give up until that boy cums with his cock deep inside, only to pull out and add his own to the mix.
Apr 7th -

Andrew Powers & Fame
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Andrew Powers & Fame - Rating: 8.40
For Andrew dating a famous musician like Fame can be difficult. Fame is so busy all the time working on his music they seldom have time to make music together. Well Andrew has needs too and finally doesn't give up literally shoving his face under Fame's guitar to get at his cock. Getting the message finally Fame takes charge just the way Andrew likes it. Shoving his head down deep on his cock to make him struggle just a bit. But Andrew still can not get enough and begs for Fame's cock to fuck him. Deep and long are the strokes Fame saws in and out of the boy's ass. But when Andrew asks for it even harder he gets what he asked for and cums with that cock deep in side of him. Fame leaves a huge load on Andrew's stomach as well finally he begs Andrew if he can get back to his music.
Mar 24th -

Draven Navarro & Fame
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Draven Navarro & Fame - Rating: 9.50
Fame is just going nuts over his new gardener, watching and taking videos of him and talking to his friends about him right in front of him. Draven, his Gardener as well of course notices his attraction and that his tips go up the less he wears while working. He figured out if he wears this one special pair of shorts that Fame just can't control himself. While snipping away at the bushes fame finally bites and calls him over to pay him. This time with his fat cock so very hard on display. Draven being the slut he is quickly gobbles down the offered cock knowing his employment depends on it. True to the story that the bigger they are the faster they are on their knees Draven finds himself taking Fame's fat cock hard. Fame is relentless now that he has him drilling his big muscled ass until shooting a giant load all over Draven's chest. Draven know's his job is secure.
Mar 10th -

Benvi & JJ Lake
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Benvi & JJ Lake - Rating: 8.83
Benvi and JJ have been together for a few years now but now that they have their first home together, Benvi really feels like he is getting to live his dream of being a Housewife. JJ makes lots of money and is a real professional so Benvi gets to stay home and be the little homemaker that he always dreamed of being. He loves to cook and clean and keep his house perfect for him Man when he comes home. But nothing beats doing his daily wifely duties when his Man comes home. Rubbing his Daddy's shoulders and then his feet. Asking JJ about his day and working his way up to Daddy JJ's cock in his dress pants which by now is always hard. Taking JJ's cock in his mouth to relieve him of his daily stress is every wife's duty, and Benvi does it with such relish. Standing up finally to show Daddy JJ his hole is his submission of the night. Benvi moans like a good slut while taking cock and when finally on his back shoots his cum so far it almost hits his face. But his Daddy paints his whole upper body with his massive load and then asks for his dinner.
Feb 24th -

Aiden Langston & JJ Lake
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Aiden Langston & JJ Lake - Rating: 9.44
Dr JJ Lake gets some interesting patients in his practice and every once in a while, one with a big ole' crush on him. The signs are always there, the patient comes in with the smallest symptoms or some made up altogether. Today was one of those with a nice boy named Aiden complaining about something he calls "anal clenching." Dr Lake is no fool but this boy is cute so after hearing the lame excuse to come in again He just gets up to lock the door to be able to play with Aiden the way he really wants. Slipping on a glove and some lube, Dr Lake quickly finds from the whorish moans coming from Aiden that yes this is the treatment he is looking for. A finger progresses to a tongue and then of course to a fat cock. By then Aiden has thrown all pretense to the wind and his legs spread wide open. Once Dr Lake leaves his huge load all over Aiden's face he knows the prescription will be more cock, with the insurance picking up the tab.
Jan 27th -

Des Irez & Micah Martinez
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Des Irez & Micah Martinez - Rating: 9.00
Des is the current chess champion at Lamda Lamda and just awarded enough points to be able to teach and lead the college chess club. While teaching and trying out a new team member he was finding it difficult to get through to him even the basics of a defense. Micah his student finally gets frustrated and throws a piece and tells Des he needs to relax if he is ever going to learn from him. Micah crawling down to his knees and grabbing Des's cock he lets him know what kind of relaxation he has in mind. Des leans back with his cock in Micahs mouth until it's time to flip fuck each others asses and cum all over each other. Play well or not I am sure Micah made the team.
Jan 13th -

Arturo Santos & Knockout
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Arturo Santos & Knockout - Rating: 9.10
Arturo is dreading picking his car up from the shop. He knows he doesn't know anything about cars so he is very much at the mercy of the Mechanic. As soon as he walks in Knockout the mechanic asks him if he has ever once changed the oil on his car which of course Arturo he has no idea about these things. Knockout tells him his car is a mess from lack of maintenance and shows Arturo the bill to his shock. Arturo has no way to pay for this or even close. Knockout liking what he sees in Arturo suggests another way to pay, with a long hard dicked payment plan. Without much choice and needing his car for work he finds himself bent over the hood taking that fat mechanics cock until Knockout unloads all over his face. With the reminder of many payments more due.
Dec 30th -

Marty Mar & Knockout
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Marty Mar & Knockout - Rating: 9.42
Marty has been dreaming of having a Dominant Man in his life and may have just found him. He had been corresponding with Knockout for a while and when he showed him photos of his playroom he knew he had found the right man for him. When finally at the Dungeon, Knockout orders Marty to approach and take care of his huge uncut cock. With all the enthusiasm he has Marty immediately takes that big cock deep in his mouth. Knockout face fucks Marty deep just the way he has been craving and needing. Before long Knockout has him bent over a sex horse and enters him in one long thrust nearly taking the wind of out him. Knockout knows he needs to dominate that hole if he wants to keep this boy and drills him hard. After putting him through his paces knockout drops his fat load all over Marty's lustful face knowing he has marked this Boy as his.
Dec 16th -

Dominic Pacifico & Isaiah
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Dominic Pacifico & Isaiah - Rating: 9.30
Isaiah finally got his first job dancing as a Go Go boy but the club assigned him to the slow ass day shift. He is willing to start anywhere to follow his dreams. So on his first day there he is shaking his ass with not a soul in the club but the bartender. Finally a hot Daddy rolls in and has eyes only for him. His dream Daddy keeps staring at him but does not take long to make his way and starts tipping him with 5 dollar bills and it keeps going up. Looking around and seeing there is no one watching Isaiah lets Daddy Dominic start feeling him up and playing with his ass. Dominic feels tease time is over and throws Isaiah over his shoulder and drops him on the bar for better access to his cock. Isaiah has a nice one but it's his ass Daddy Dominic is after and flips him over for a taste and of course a solid tap to boot. Isaiah takes everything Dominic throws down his hole and rides it like a slut in heat. Dominic drops his load all over Isaiah which triggers him too. Five more hours on shift, Isaiah hopes there are more days like this.
Dec 2nd -

Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters
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Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters - Rating: 9.27
Ethan is working on his Masters and struggling so he made an appointment with the Teachers Assistant to get back on track. Ethan kind of has a crush on the TA Jake as well and was thrilled when he asked him to meet at his place over the weekend. Ethan was not sure if Jake played for the same team or not but when Jake took a call and left the room he disturbed his computer and on the huge screen was this cute guy riding a huge cock. Well Jake said to make himself at home so Ethan slides into the next room where Jake sleeps and was sniffing his pillow like a perv when Jake comes up behind him and asks "See Anything you Like?" From there it is on. Jake frees Ethan's cock from his jeans and sucks right to work. Jake is not going to be denied that sweet ass and takes charge of his hole. Ethan's hole may be sweet but Jake needs some meat as well and he rides Ethan until they both collapse to cum together. Same study time next week for sure.
Nov 18th -

Liam Skye & Deepdicc
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Liam Skye & Deepdicc - Rating: 8.33
Liam just got accepted to a new college and while he is so excited he is sad that he is going to have to leave his summer love behind. So while his parents are still out of town Liam invites Deep over for one last fling before he goes. Out by the pool with some sweet kisses quickly proceeds to Liam having his head shoved down to Deep's cock just how a strong man should. Fucking his throat open is just the beginning and Deep bending Liam over for a taste of his boy butt. Liam is lost in pleasure when they hear the neighbors door open and they scramble inside to continue in Liam's room. Wasting no more time Liam begs for that Deep Dic inside of him. Kneeling over Liam buries his face in a pillow taking all 10 inches. But after not long he gets up and rides that dick trying to get as much inside him as he can. That sweet ass on Liam milks the cum from Deep's cock followed by Liam's blast and blissful smile that follows.
Nov 4th -

Levi Rhodes & Deepdicc
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Levi Rhodes & Deepdicc - Rating: 9.58
Levi feels like being an Old School slut and trying out one of the old porn theaters still left in town. Why flip through a bunch of online posers when you can find hot guys cruising live. He steps into one and all alone there is a hunky guy down front and asks if he can join him. Deepdicc is very inviting and checks out the hot young boy in return. A few minutes of staring and Deep whips out his big fat cock for Levi to see and then Levi does as well. Deep moves in for the capture and starts telling Levi what to do. A nice taste of that sweet boys ass leads to fucking him right there in the theater. The boy moans like a slut in heat as Deep puts him through his paces. Finally on his back Levi has his load pounded out of him only to be rewarded with Deep's load all over his face.
Oct 21st -

Kylan Kiddo & Roman Todd
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Kylan Kiddo & Roman Todd - Rating: 8.90
Kylan was at the Glory Hole working out a case of the serious slutty. On about his third cock he turns back to find a huge cock facing him. A quick peek through the hole and he could see the guy was shredded too. Sucking on it with renewed abandon he can tell the cock is close to cumming when it pulls back and out comes a note for him with an address. He whispers you want me to go here? So Kylan follows the stud of his dreams back to his place still not knowing his name. Right in the door he drops to his knees to worship that cock and the favor is quickly returned by his ass being eaten like cake. Kylan is quickly mounted by his handsome stranger and they fucked like the glory hole slut that he is. After being twisted , turned and stretched open Kylan blows his huge load all over his stomach. The Handsome stranger then cums in his ass only to pull out the condom and squeeze that fat load out into his slutty mouth.
Oct 7th -

Bryson Belair & Fame
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Bryson Belair & Fame - Rating: 9.57
Fame has had a nice boy named Bryson after him for some time seeking a submissive experience. Now of course Fame likes to drive so to speak and has use of a friend's dungeon space to play so he invites Bryson to come down and serve his Cock. Bryson shows up in a sexy body suit but he can't take his eyes off of his King Fame in a leather jock and gauntlets. Fame starts off with a bit of a spanking and then proceeds to tear that bodysuit off of Bryson to get at his hole. Bryson is an eager but inexperienced bottom who may have bitten off more than he can chew as Fame ruthlessly works his hole open. Struggling to please his top, Bryson moans like a slut as Fame puts him through his positions he likes to fuck. Finally Covered in Cum Bryson knows what it feels like to be used.
Sep 16th -

Isaac X & Fame
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Isaac X & Fame - Rating: 9.29
Issac has turned into a stalker of the hottest man on the internet he knows, King Fame. Issac is following every social media account and every press release for Fame. So many times he has reached out to Fame only to get a half hearted reply as most fans get. But now that Issac is doing a bit of modeling as well Fame seems to have a bit more interest. So one afternoon jacking it at home Fame finally says he will come over. Issac wants to make the right impression so he waits for Fame with his bare ass in the air like the open invitation he is. Fame sees and likes it so much he opens with a slap on the ass and quickly gets down to eating that booty. Fame quickly mounts that ass and takes control of that booty fucking like he owns it. Only to be outdone by Issac riding Fame's cock like a man possessed. Once on his back Issac is jacking hard to cum but it's Fame who is first and sprays all over Issac's face. Quickly followed by the jets of Issac's passion as well. When two sluts collide.
Aug 26th -

Jim Fit, Micah Martinez & Smash Thompson
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Jim Fit, Micah Martinez & Smash Thompson - Rating: 9.21
Just out of college and at his first internship Jim is both intimidated and turned on by his Boss Mr Thompson. Ever since he was hired Mr Thompson has made no secret of his interest in Jim or his very explicit sexual talk in the office. Jim had just received a tongue lashing about his reports not being done and Mr Thompson picked up his phone to talk to Mr Martinez and began to talk about Jim in the dirtiest manner so bad that he was shocked and embarrassed. Then his cock came out and stroked it right there in the office telling Mr Martinez to come down and get a piece of Jim's ass. Once both of his Bosses were there they wasted no time telling Jim his job was on the line based on his performance here and now , on their cocks. Secretly loving how assertive they were and treating him like their toy he was quickly on his knees protecting his employment.
Aug 5th -

Jon Darra, Jake Waters & Marcel Eugene
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Jon Darra, Jake Waters & Marcel Eugene - Rating: 9.00
It's Boys Game night but Jon shows up a bit late and it kind of feeling left out of the action. He keeps asking to play and is denied! Well Jon likes a bit of mischief and starts to let his fingers do the walking all the way over to Marcel's dick. Marcel tries to shoo him away but Jon will not be deterred. Jake keeps asking while Marcel keeps getting killed and to get in the game. By now Jon has his lips wrapped around Marcel's fat cock and his attention is way off the game. Finally both are killed and Jake turns around to find out the problem is both Jon and Marcel are in full slut mode now. Not one to miss a game Jake jumps right into Jon's upturned ass and then trades it back to Marcel to get some of the mouth himself too. Jon feels he is the real winner when he shoots hard riding Jake's cock. But the final round is even better with both Jake's and Marcel's loads all over his face. Game night will be a regular thing around here.
Jul 15th -

Cole Alexander, Jake Waters & Marcel Eugene
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Cole Alexander, Jake Waters & Marcel Eugene - Rating: 9.47
Cole is tired of living the solo life, driving home every night by his favorite club and seeing all the hot guys standing around outside he knows he is missing out. So finally he works up his nerve and cleans himself up and cleans out with hopes of something soon. As soon as he walks up he is getting hungry looks from the boys in line and once he heads back to the bathroom he sees them following him with a smile. As one guy comes right up to him at the urinal and gives him a long look until he turns away to wash up. Then here comes another and now both of them staring him down and it's obvious they are together. They finally speak, saying is this the boy we want? Cole knows he is it, taking Cole's hand and putting it on his dick Jake makes his move clear. Cole is quickly on his knees and taking both cocks like a pro. They then tag team him, the practiced pair they are until Cole surprises even them by taking both Cocks in his ass at the same time. All that remained was to paint this boy's face with their loads. Cole will be coming back to this club again very soon.
Jun 24th -

Andre Monsoon, Dillon Diaz & Jake Waters
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Andre Monsoon, Dillon Diaz & Jake Waters - Rating: 8.83
Dillon and Jake have invited Andre Monsoon to their home for the week and it seems both of them have ulterior motives. Every time Andre seems to be alone here comes either Dillon or Jake to make a move on him saying not to tell the other. After several times of this Jake walks in on Dillon putting the moves on Andre and tries to act shocked, that is until Andre outs him for doing the same thing. Dillon and Jake quickly realize why fight over Andre if they can both fuck him. Andre is of course along for the ride as well. Andre has limited experience and this is his first time with a couple so he struggles to take the dick but time and pressure always win and soon Andre is moaning with passion under their dual ministrations. Andre pops a huge load while riding Jake with Dillon masterfully controlling his cock. Dillon and Jake need only to paint the boys face with cum to have a happy ending.
Jun 3rd -

Jack Hunter, August Alexander & Micah Martinez
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Jack Hunter, August Alexander & Micah Martinez - Rating: 9.22
Jack is selling realty in the wrong market, things are down and so very slow. He has been trying hard to sell to this Hot professional couple who he knows has the money. Dr Alexander and his Husband Professor Martinez are shrewd buyers but really love this house. When the Realtor Jack spells it out that he would bend over backwards and or do anything to move this property, they are sold. Dr Alexander swiftly moves in for the kill and leads Jack over to the couch to seal the deal. Jack was obviously in need of more than just a sale with the way he moans with a cock in his mouth and gets right to whining once his tight ass is split open by this hot couple who have their tag team game strong. Jack knows the deal is sealed when they shoot their cum all over him.
May 13th -

Barret Dean, Deepdicc & Ray Diesel
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Barret Dean, Deepdicc & Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.63
Mr Diesel has recently employed himself a Houseboy by the name of Barrett and he does love his new job. Mr Diesel has him wear lots of special outfits and has trained him well to provide every kind of service. When Mr Diesel has his business associate over to dinner Deepdicc, he can not help but notice the cute boy in leather serving them dinner and answering his employers calls with a remote control butt plug. When the dessert course is called for here comes Barrett naked now and offering his cakes to fuck and eat. The tables are turned around again as Barrett is flipped back and forth between the cocks until he cums all over himself followed by Deepdicc in his face and Mr Diesel drops him to his knees to take another.
Apr 22nd -

Jack Bailey, Deepdicc & Ray Diesel
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Jack Bailey, Deepdicc & Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.61
Jack has been wanting to get back to the gym but hates the way all the guys stare at him when he goes there. So instead Jack calls up his big crush Ray to see if he can come over and use his home gym. Ray is quick to invite the tasty young boy over to let him do whatever he wants. Jack shows up with Ray and Deep already working up a sweat on the machines so he gets right to the weights. Ray and Deep are quick to encourage young Jack and once Jack bends over the bench Deep moves right in to help him with his form. Deep let's his hands wander to Jack's delight and once he pulls down Jack's little red shorts it was on. Ray, not one to miss a beat turns off his treadmill and pulls out his fat cock for Jack to focus on too. Once dicks are in both his holes Jack's true slutty nature comes right out. And with two fat creamy loads on his face Jack promises to come back for lot's of workouts.
Mar 25th -

Jesse Ferrer, Jigz Castelo & Titus Mcmasters
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Jesse Ferrer, Jigz Castelo & Titus Mcmasters - Rating: 9.33
Jigz and Titus have a huge dinner tonight and the oven is broken. They are panicked but finally decide to call the maintenance service. They promised to come right away and fix it while they are away at work. When the guys come home they find Jesse hard at work almost finished and bent over in just the right way to show off some crack. The guys are easily distracted by some hot ass and Jesse jumps when they grab a firm cheek and startle the boy. Scared of getting fired but wanting these two dicks offered he quickly gives in to a big mouthful of two big cocks. Jesse struggles to take these big dicks but never backs off. The boys spin little jesse around on the lazy susan like a toy for them to fuck till he takes both loads to the face.
Mar 11th -

Blake Dyson, August Alexander & Dillon Diaz
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Blake Dyson, August Alexander & Dillon Diaz - Rating: 9.18
Blake has been calling and calling his landlord to come fix his jacuzzi tub for weeks. Fed up after working out one day he finally decides to just use it as a bath and while luxuriating in the hot water, well a horny boy is a horny boy and he gets his toys out and is in another world with a thick toy in his ass when the long awaited plumbers walk in. The Landlord gave them a key, but they are not shocked and rather like the show. Dillon picks up the other toy and stuffs it in his mouth which the greedy boy takes deep. Our Plumbers have mighty big tools of their own and are quick to fill this pretty boys holes as he moans like a slut in heat. When they finally unload on his face he can not contain himself as well and well I guess they will have to just make a second appointment to fix the tub.
Feb 25th -

Cameron Basinger, Dillon Diaz & Micah Martinez
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Cameron Basinger, Dillon Diaz & Micah Martinez - Rating: 9.44
Cameron is just out of college and so excited to be on to his first job interview. He is surprised there are two men interviewing him and not only that they are hot. They are pretty direct about what they want and ask him to show them some skills on the computer. When he opens the screen it's a giant porn page with a photo of another young man with big dicks in either hole. Cameron asks, ``What is expected of me here? They start to unbutton his shirt in answer and quickly start tag teaming his mouth with his ass to follow. Cameron is obviously right at home here when he cums hard while riding those dicks, pretty sure he got the job too.
Feb 11th -

Dan Afterdark, Avatar Akyia & Osiris
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Dan Afterdark, Avatar Akyia & Osiris - Rating: 9.50
Dan is out doing a little shopping when he sees two hot guys trailing him everywhere. He goes everywhere and they seem to follow him leering at his ass. Not one to miss an opportunity when he gets to his car he asks them what they are looking for and it seems it's his ass. A quick package check and suck in the back parking lot and he sees they have what it takes to get them back home. Back at his place Dan is quick on his knees to please these two Big Cocks and even tries to take both at the same time but his hole is too tight to take it. He rides and fucks like his life depends on it and finally takes two loads on his face for his reward.
Jan 28th -

Cesar Xes, Avatar Akiya & Micah Martinez
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Cesar Xes, Avatar Akiya & Micah Martinez - Rating: 9.50
Ceser finally has the day of his dreams all dressed in white to marry the Man he loves. Ceser is such a slut though he could not help himself to fuck a few others working the Wedding but his Husband to be and the Best Man Micah already know all about him. Ceser is brought to his new home and immediately his Daddy starts to kiss and fondle his new love. Ceser asks why is the best Man still present when they let Ceser know that they know he needs a lot of dick to stay happy and why not start off their new life that way. So best Man and Groom break in the new Bride till he is panting and back pussy wide open. A couple of loads on his face and this Man Bride knows he has found his perfect home for good.
Jan 14th -

Joel Someone, Deepdicc & Eli Martinez
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Joel Someone, Deepdicc & Eli Martinez - Rating: 9.18
Deepdicc is having his morning coffee when some strange half naked man comes down his stairs. Joel introduces himself and lets Deep know that he came home with his roommate Eli last night. Deep asks how did it go? Well it seems that Eli fell asleep with Joel's dick in his mouth so he kind of left him hanging. Not one to miss an opportunity, Deep quickly let Joel know he is game to fill in and quickly Joel is on his knees. Coming downstairs with morning wood Eli finds his date already occupied. Deep says hey man you snooze you lose, but of course slutty Joel is ready to take both men on and moans like a slut while he does.
Dec 31st -

Zac Snow, Deepdicc & Eli Martinez
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Zac Snow, Deepdicc & Eli Martinez - Rating: 9.60
Deepdicc is tired of his BF Eli always sleeping in, barely getting out of bed in the morning and certainly no job. Deep wakes up this morning straight up nagging Eli to do something with his life before heading out to work. Deep comes home to find Eli found not something but Someone to do instead. But damn this boy Zac is cute and he says he is more than willing to share. They both pound this boy out hard and the passion for cock is obvious in Zac's eyes when he cums hard on Deep's thrust. And even more of those begging eyes when he takes both loads on his face.
Dec 17th -

Brian Bonds, Fame & Jigz Castelo
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Brian Bonds, Fame & Jigz Castelo - Rating: 9.62
Brian has been leading a diverse Men's Therapy group for a while now. They have all bonded over their mutual issues even though they all live in different relationships. During this week's meeting they have really come to notice that they very much all can fill each other's needs as well. One guy wants his BF to be more Submissive, one guy wants his GF to take it in the ass, and one guy wants his Trans GF to Fuck his Ass. They all want some ass and Fame finally takes charge and tells Brian who wants to sub to suck Jigz Cock NOW!. From then on they take turns turning out Brian"s ass. The group has turned into a sex meeting with Brian our host with the most cock inside him. Showing how much he needed it he cums hard while riding cock and takes both loads to the face. What will next week's meeting bring?
Dec 3rd -

Roman Todd, Fame & Jigz Castelo
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Roman Todd, Fame & Jigz Castelo - Rating: 9.55
Roman has been dealing with his issues of Sex Addiction for years but finally has sought out a therapist, Dr Fame. Along with this issue is that his wife is terribly jealous of him fucking around as well. Dr Fame has come up with a suitable treatment in a male sexual surrogate. Roman's obvious need and preoccupation with Dick and his wife's jealousy of other women make a male surrogate the ideal solution. They adjourn to the treatment room to meet Jigz who is dressed in appropriate slutty attire to arouse the patient. Both the Dr and Jigz immediately set to treating Roman, like the slut he is. Whining and begging through the treatment as his ass is opened up and his throat pumped dry of all his obsessions. When covered in Cum, Roman declares that he will need repeated and regular therapy
Nov 19th -

Adrian Suarez, Micah Martinez & Mr Cali
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Adrian Suarez, Micah Martinez & Mr Cali - Rating: 8.44
Adrian thought he had found the good time he was seeking with Cali his new online hook up, but when he shows up the guys seem to be more interested in playing their video games and there is another guy there as well. Not that he would mind more dick but it's nice to know what you're showing up to. Well Adrian sits there and pouts for a while till he is obvious for Cali and Micah to notice. If it's attention and dick that he wants then that's what he is going to get. The Men turn up the heat and quickly Adrian is surrounded by Cocks probing every hole he has. Adrian squeals like a bitch in heat as the Men take turns hammering him out. It's obvious how much he loves it when he shoots his load with Cali's Big Cock inside him. They are not done yet and cover Adrian's body in cum as well.
Nov 5th -

Finn Daniels, Mr Cali & Noah Pain
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Finn Daniels, Mr Cali & Noah Pain - Rating: 9.57
Finn has been working his route for the last 6 months for the Solar company desperate to make a sale. When he rings the bell at Noah and Cali's house his desperation must be showing and they are quick to take advantage and promise him the sale he needs. Showing him in and showing him to his knees, Finn knows what he needs to do to close this deal. With an enthusiasm that surprises, he takes the dicks with ease and begs for more to boot. When finally covered in loads of cum, Cali agrees he has earned his sale and then some.
Oct 22nd -

Jarret Moon, Knockout & Ray Diesel
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Jarret Moon, Knockout & Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.59
Jarret is the new guy in town and looking for a new gym to stay in shape. All the hot boys he knows recommend this one place with a bit of a slutty reputation, you know for guys hooking up. While that is not usually his thing, curiosity has got the better of him. In the back he finds out it's all true, big cocks coming out from the holes in the wall and he is not one to miss an opportunity on his knees. Sucking those cocks as deep as he can. He is just getting into it when a note comes through the hole inviting him to finish off at their place. Back there they waste no time and he finds those big cocks fucking him deep and hard, the best part when they tag team his ass back and forth as he moans like a slut. Three huge loads later he has a certain invitation to cum back anytime.

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